Obama Syria comedy

This is providing some chuckles for the world. If not total disrespect.
Secretary of State Kerry announces ;” We are going to Strike”. Obama
says:” I am  thinking about it” The Pentagon says; “We don’t know what is
going on “‘. ” Congress in on Vacation”. Obama says;”‘We are going to Act”
The Media is confused and laughing. So is Assad. while preparing to
move targets . So the targets of last week , will be some where else.
Obama says; “In two weeks we will strike I am still thinking.”While putin is drinking vodka and
Fishing. In the meantime Obama goes to play a round of golf…Time is not important.
And here we are the American people with a president that has not an iota of
experience in military training . But he is our leader. What’s wrong here?
In talking about this subject matter, a media person asked me a few days ago
what experience this writer has in international affairs and war ?
Very simply I explained; I experienced war since childhood and teens. Russia , Hitler
and the aftermath of world war 2. I became a deep thinker and observer.
Served in our military, worked with and interviewed people like Admirial Donitz
( last fuerer of the German Reich) was personal assistant to General von Manteufel, ( commader of the german fifth Army in the Ardennes. etc &etc.
traveled the world, negotiated with world leaders.  I guess you learn a few things in life by association
Most important. I am a very legal immigrant who has lived the American
dream and have appreciated the opportunities this country has afforded me
and for which I am fore ever grateful. So far, until  things change drastically I have
the right to voice my opinions. So my experience boils down this. The damned
best education any one can get. “Life  with all the hard knocks anyone
could ever experience. And I am concerned about what is happening to
our country and the track it is on. It’s not an issue of color, with Obama or even personal dislike.
It’s his in experience with world affairs, lack of leadership qualities
and his leaning toward communism. Every word he utters about wanting
to see the best for America is a blatant lie and fabrication. Look at the
track record . it sucks.

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