Oh Lord Obama Oh Lord.

In a white house statement today 4/14/12 Obama announced that ; ” He wants to be sure everyone is getting a; ” fair deal”. How good and caring can things get ?
Wow. I never knew that the president of the United States had the power
to change life on earth. Will wonders never cease?
I have never heard of anyone on this planet stating or believing that life
is fair. Because it’s not. And , never has been. But not to worry.
For the first time in the history of America ” Fair” and “Fairness” will become
mandatory in the good old USA. The new function of the President is expanding
to that of the creator. And just think of it. Rich or poor , sick or healthy,
dumb or smart , sane or insane. Legal or illegal every one gets ” fair” and ‘Fairness”. That being the case , all wrongs of the human race are cured and there will be no complaints from a single soul on any issue or any matter at any time
ever again, because every one will have a ” Fair Deal” . From Lord Obama Oh Lord. It’s beyond imagination: Every one wins the lottery. Everyone receives the
same amount of money. No one has to work if they don’t want to. Everyone
gets lucky. No unfair divorces, unfair blame , unfair treatment. No more unfair legal
system. Unfair taxes, Unfair press, unfair speech or unfair anything.
In all we have nothing more to bitch about. Believe it. Because ” he” said
so. It’s the new role of the president. Fair is “the word ” and fair you get.

You were promised;  “Change” and change you got……

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