At the edge of war may be an understatement.As this time around there are too many fronts .An escalating situation in Afghanistan.Threats from Syria Russia and North Korea . With not a clue from China if it will help in stopping Korea from developing a missile system that can reach the
United States. It does not take a doomsday preacherto face the realities as they present themselves today at the beginning of the easter holiday.President Trump has given his generals blanket authority to ” act as needed” And they may just do that.
Generals are created to wage war. Giving them this
opportunity  to do what they do best. While already there a massive build up of fire power
moving toward the korean peninsula . Chinas role is uncertain and will remain so until president Chi confirms the prior promise to  assist in containing North Korea.
This is just on one dangerous front. Putin’s sudden
interest I Afghanistan is equally real and if not
more dangerous. There is no way Trump will refuse to send more troops to Afghanistan if requested by the commanding general there.
Either way , we are already at war. Poised for more action on too many fronts for comfort .
One might think of the fact that it only
takes one madman or nervous finger to push the
button. Not good news for the Easter Holidays.

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