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MYSTERY REMAINS UNSOLVED The Paulding Light: A True Unsolved Mystery
Scientists, researchers and astronomers have researched it for over a half a century. Speculation and wild theories are still abound.

Absolutely no one has provided a definitive answer to the light known worldwide as: THE PAULDING LIGHT.

A confirmed mystery of the upper peninsula of Michigan. Producer Director Bill Rebane the first to spend over two years investigating the phenomenon and presenting it to the public on film, to this date maintains that this phenomenon could well challenge the scientific community and its research at its best.

While the United States Forrest Service is determined to explain it away as being of “Ghostly Origin.” No evidence has sufficed to confirm such speculation.

The Discovery network show Fact or Fake batted zero with its investigations into the light. Finally giving up on it and confirming that it was indeed “fact rather than fake.” In short. A true unsolved mystery.

The new re-released Digital documentary a regional best selling DVD is now spurring even further interest and investigations into the one and only mystery in North America yet unsolved.

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