Attorney General Brad Schimel
114 East Sate Capitol
Madison Wisconsin 53702-7857 April 5, 2016

Dear Attorney General Schimel.
The Wisconsin department of justice under J .B. Van Hollen and now yourself seems to be sinking as low as the “Washington Establishment” in practice and deeds With: “Ignorance of the law”, “negligence” and total “ indifference “ to the issues before them.
Dear Attorney General Schimel
The Wisconsin Department of Justice under J.B. Van Hollen and now
yourself seems to be sinking as low as the Washington Establishment in
practice and deeds with: “Ignorance of the law”, ” Negligence” and total
indifference to issues before them.
It is not a duty of a victim to educate your staff lawyers and draw their attention to Specific Wisconsin statutes. The very same Ignorance to the law goes for your subordinate agencies. I.e . District Attorney of Iron County who openly admits ignorance and in experience to issues brought to his attention by the undersigned ( a non lawyer)
Enough is enough is enough already.
Federal and state laws are in place to protect citizens from criminal acts involving Intellectual property theft ( felonies) and copyright violations.
The undersigned has been a victim of these crimes now for a period of 15 consecutive
Years resulting in losses of over one million Dollars.
The Wisconsin Department of justice claims no jurisdiction in matters of this nature While “ Ignoring” the very Wisconsin statutes that have been put in place for such Criminal acts; 943.208 ( 1) (a ) 2 ( b) and 943.2 06 ( 1) through (5) This, After the FBI, and The US department of Justice has specifically directed the undersigned to begin with enforcement efforts on the local and state levels.
(The Copyright infringement act was revamped to the Criminal Copyright act in l976 .
In l982 The Criminal infringement provision was amended again to make
Infringments “felonies” more serious crimes. Imposing five year federal prison terms and $ 250.000 in fines.)
Thus far , your agency has ignored all. Your legal staff has displayed considerable arrogance and ignorance in dealing with these issues which are continuing as we speak on a global basis, for the world to see. One must assume that your agency
uses computers ? If not , they might try the printed versions of the Wisconsin Statutes. The old fashioned way.

Very truly yours
Bill Rebane

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