In simple words and mad as hell. America has created a true “Dictator”. Be that
by sheer idiocy, lack of education or media hype . It’s happened. And we got
him. Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler would be proud of him and the propaganda machine of the Obama Nation. Although this phenomenon falls under the heading
of ; “Only in America” ( words created in Europe when stupid things happened in our country) Unfortunately, The Obama Nation phenomenon surpasses all stupidity and science fiction plots that even Hollywood could have
invented. The conspiracy theorists may be closer to the plot then we think.
In short; The Republicans. The people. The tea party and our representatives
in Congress have been rendered helpless by the Obama Nation media machine.
Joseph Stalin blamed the old Ruling Class, the royalty and the rich for his cause.
Adolph Hitler blamed the jews and non arian races for his cause. Thus gathering the support of the masses. The poor, the workers and the less fortunate ones who will listen to anything if it is pounded into them. Hard enough and long enough. Now it has happened in America. Leader of the free world and the land of unlimited opportunities. It’s real, it’s here and America has become a socialist country. Now the question arises; How long before communism and total suppression? And totalitarian government control?
In this writers humble opinion, not even the average democrats could have
expected what we got. ( or did they know the whole enchilada all along?)

What matters is; What’s behind this radical move toward Socialism?
And; Who is all involved. And. Are the conspiracy preachers right on target
with their messages.? Only the failure of Obama care will reverse the coursewe are on.

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