U.S. Congress fails miserably

The passing of the anti piracy PIPA bill failed miserably for simple reasons: It went too far. And , beyond the reasonable expectations of the motion picture industry which in all is not interested in curtailing internet use and it’s technological advances. Nor the volume of valuable information the internet … Continue reading


MYSTERY REMAINS UNSOLVED THE “PAULDING LIGHT” A TRUE UNSOLVED MYSTERY Scientists, researchers and astronomers have researched it for over a half a century. Speculation and wild theories are still abound. Absolutely no one has provided a definitive answer to the light known world wide as ; ” THE PAULDING LIGHT” … Continue reading

Facts on PIracy

Janyary 15, 2012 Video piracy affects Saxon , wiscconsin Resident Over one million dollars in monetary losses claimed by a Saxon resident from video and internet piracy of movies. Five out of twelve feature motion pictures produced and directed by Saxon resident Bill Rebane are earning millions of dollars on … Continue reading

Indy Pictures

Indy pictures Mike, With a bit of time on my hands and getting away from writing, been doing some research on independent film activity in general. And it is sickening. Some things are drastically wrong. Have looked at dozens of trailers and indy production companies. These kids have not a … Continue reading