PIracy continued-Synergy/ Film chest

Video Piracy and intellectual property theft means nothing to those who do not
depend on creative works for income and to make a living. For those who
do depend on their works and creations to survive, It means the World.
China steals Americas intellectual works on an ongoing basis , everybody
hears about it. But even Government seems to be helpless to curb
these criminal acts because the law does not apply or can not be enforced
in China. Not so in North America and the rest of the free world.
( and I use free with reservations) For the novice on this subject, The
Motion picture industry is loosing over 50 billion dollars annually
from video piracy and copyright infringements and IP theft.
This writer can safely say of loosing some $25 to $50,000 dollars annually
form thievery and felonious acts like bootlegging and outright thievery
by individuals and companies like Synergy Entertainment, Film Chest
Media. It is not often and highly unusual that these thieves can be
brought to justice. It can only happen when the pirates ‘ use ; lips that
sink ships . ( as the old saying goes) And, there is enough evidence
on the table, plus admissions of criminal deeds, that these thieves can
apprehended and called unto the carpet.
As reported prior in this Journal. These characters,Phil Hopkins and
a Ralph Stevens who own Synergy Entertainment Inc. and Film Chest Media
by clear admission acquired a film library in or before 2004 from a bankrupt
company then transfered the library ( including six titles belonging to
this writer) to Digital One Stop of Minneapolis. The transaction earned the
two in excess of $ 200,000 Dollars. A nice piece of chump change to set
up Synergy/Film Chest. Only to go right ahead and continue to market the same
tiles they had just transfered to Digital One Stop on a continuing basis for
over six years. To disguise the original film title art work. They changed the
art work. A Lanham act, federal violation.
This in connection of Video Piracy is only one story of many . Of how
Intellectual property is obtained and treated by con artists and thief’s of
other peoples labors.
Stand by for more piracy updates

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