Piracy Exposed # 4

In answer to a conversation and e mail.
Helllo Janet . I understand why you sent an e mail rather then
commenting in the journal. Yes indeed . there is “poetic justice”. When
a video pirate ( confirmed ) steals and uses one’s intellectual work for
close to ten years. Then , as restitution , enters into contract in remorse for
the evil deeds .And on top of that , then breaches even that contract. For sure . Nightmares will follow. They manifest from feelings of deep guilt.
I must assume you are talking about about a young man named Phil. And a major company that makes some 45 million a year with public domain titles and few not so legitimate titles. By selling cheap multi pack movies through the major retail chains. Well you see in 2004 Young Phil was already deep into video piracy. And as reported in Piracy Exposed # 3 , This man did not do his homework. He assumed that some film titles were in the public domain.
And sold my titles to this wealthy company. And then went on to sell the
very same titles he sold , on his own in all other venues. Very
clever and a unique plot. If one can get away with it.
You asked me why I am so determined to write on video piracy issues?
That’s very simple Janet. One expects some rewards in retirement from
fifty years of work. It is that simple. When others think that they can commit a federal crime, line their pockets and live on other peoples hard work . I think
they are very much mistaken. And should suffer from nightmares. Big time.
But besides the nightmares , while the wheel of justice move very slow, eventually they will get caught. And not just by this writer.
And yes there is much more coming on this subject and Phil . You see Phil knows well what he did. He is just so determined to cover things up, that
keeps making one mistake after another. A recent criminal investigation
report received will clear up many issues.
Best regards

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