Piracy exposed part # 3

Somebody must be  concerned about piracy. They are reading the Bill Rebane journal. Could it be those guilty of piracy and don’t like to hear about it?
When someone hollers slander. If there no truth to accusations then it is slander
indeed. When there are admission of piracy and black on white written facts on
paper it is the truth. And not slander..
The wheels of justice move slowly , as one prosecutorial agency stated. But once
one one good investigator picks up on the issue and takes the time and understands the big picture . Watch out . After years of research and catching
up on copyright and I.P. law It is interesting to note that with most of the
pirates believe , if they can not find enough information on motion pictures
in simple copyright searches they give up and assume that a title must be
in the public domain. Due diligence stops after the the simplest and cheapest searches . Never realizing that film titles change. That the production entities listed on titles may not be the same as  those of the
intellectual property owners or actual copyright holders. Internet archives
is one of he most blatantly guilty of not performing sufficient due diligence on
motion picture titles. Once a pirate has confirmed a title based on internet
archives  information they think they are free to do anything wit it. Wrong. Thus far
they have been wrong on three of this writers titles. Oddly enough the
ones that suffer, are both, the pirate (if caught) and the legitimate copyright
holder. Internet Archives hiding under the umbrella of a non profit organization claim they just provide a service based on information they get
but they don’t tell you from where and how?
Another issue is films obtained through bankruptcy and or auctions.
Buyers of such may believe they acquired all rights to a print from such
transfers. Check the laws that are on the books. Intellectual property rights
can not be transfered or obtained by bidding on a film print at an auction
or through a bankruptcy . While this writer has found arguments on the
latter issue , everything researched and read ( and not being a lawyer)
both issues seem to hold up. One would think that with the innovation and
availability of the internet, any one can find facts and be guided by instant
valuable information. So not to have to put up with the accusations, and
potential criminal prosecution.

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