PIracy watch continued

Ever since the innovation of the internet, streaming , downloading and
the free viewing of movies. Intellectual property abuse and theft has been
blatant . Robbing writers, producers and directors of their
royalties while dissipating their works. Since the prosecutorial agencies
contrary to popular belief, don’t give a damn . What can the injured
parties do? Very little or nothing, unless they have deep pockets and
can afford to pay lawyers. Piracy crosses not only state lines but
International borders as well. Lawyers want big retainers for such
complex and often convoluted legal actions.
Try the FBI? Forget it . They are busy protecting us from terror threats.
The Department of Justice? Another joke.
So what’s  left to do ? One has to ask. Expose the bastards that are
doing it. From here on in, the bastards don’t dare look at this blog.
Where the truth and facts are exposed for the world to see.
The list will grow as more producers wake up to the
reality that there are some bad people out there
without scruples or reservations to steal tangible and or
intangibles. Know any of the following , watch out;
Victor Ives – White Springs Media
Brian Friesner- Artiflix and Triad Media Group
Phillip Hopkins- Synergy Entertainment
Phillip Hopkins- American Pop Classics
Besides the outright pirates there are the outright crooks and
con artists who deserve more space then we have.
Keep reading piracy watch for the latest  on the subject .

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