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By Bill Rebane  July 6.2013

Granted, in our world of national scandals and corruption, who cares about
intellectual property theft and video Pirac?. Says Philip Hopkins in order to deflect from his own crimes of piracy and IP theft in which he has been caught
red handed . ( see prior Journal writings) He may have a point there . As the
Wheels of justice turn slowly. And even slower when the authorities have
big issues on the table like the IRS, NSA and the continuous threat of
potential terrorism. But IP thieves and bootleggers should not be fooled or
bathe in comfort , in the belief that they can get away with their criminal activities. The noose is tightening around the necks of the bottom of the
barrel thieves who thrive on other peoples work and efforts. These scavengers
like Philip Hopkins now operating under Synergy Entertainment and Film Chest Media are pretty well earmarked for action. What is interesting in the
game of movie boot legging and IP crimes , are the services of high standing conglamorates  that contribute to the crimes of the maggots initiating the felonies .
Major internet service providers who actually aid the criminals in making
a buck or fortunes from other peoples works. Because they have not set
up the mechanisms to do due diligence , are negligent and provide the
outlets for the criminals and their illegal wares.
In a recent situation, Amazon a good and effective service. Has been offering
several copyrighted film titles Reminding even the Copyright holder that
he should buy his own pirated product from them. Specifically two films
UFO Target Earth , and The Haunted by producer Michael De Gaetano.
This is a a situation and example of how idiotic our laws are.Or is it sheer
stupidity? Or, just breaking the law .
Amazon legal, will remove the title upon receiving notice from the copyright
holder But it’s too late. They and the bootleggers who place it there have al ready cashed in on and made money that rightfully should have gone to the
the producer, owner and copyright holder. Se la vie.
Low and behold. It turns out that Film Chest Media, Phil Hopkins and Ralph
Stevens once again are the underlying source of the crime. Having carried
the UFO target earth title in their catalogue for over 10 years. And cashing in
on it. While the copyright holder and creator is sucking canal water so to say.
More to come on Piracy Watch .
Next: BCI Eclipse-Navarre Corporation- Digital One Stop LLC , Mill Creek
Entertainment – And….” Accomplice to major federal Crimes”.

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