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Thus far there seem to be enough Americans to say no more
corruption and no more of the same Washington ‘”Establishment ”
Bull Shit . The proof is in the pudding and in the; Donald Trump
movement  Or  is it  a phenomenon ? .” Make America great again”.
Listening to Cruz and Rubio, I hear the same rhetoric I have heard
from the politicians for a half a century. They are also lawyers.
Just what we don’t need more of in Congress to pass more
regulations and laws that have been the downfall for American
Industry. The very sad news is Hillary the proven liar and cheat
wins in Nevada. Pray America , that that is as far as it goes with
with that B@#X. And then there is gentle and soft spoken Dr. Carson.
Intelligent, well informed and even keeled with considerable wisdom.
Unfortunaly his gentle manner is working against him because he is such a paradox of what we have been used to from the B’ssr’s for too many years . For once I am closing my ears to anything that sounds like political hype and anyone with too much political experience .
Send the liars to Siberia, Hillary to Benghazy, Berny to Moscow and
and lawyers where they can’t do any had harm. If we could find such
a place…. Oh, did I forget Obama? Sounds only reasonable he should
go to Iran or Iraq to join Isis of course.
If opposites attract, just maybe an interesting ticket would  be Trump&
Carson. He could use a doctor to keep him calm and collected while
he is getting Mexico to pay for the wall.
Toodely doo and all that good stuff..
Bill Rebane

P.S. What you don’t hear  on fox news or CNN you can get it here..

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