Population Explosion& more

An opinion. Yes the world is getting crowded and also more confusing.
The so called conspiracy theories claim That Fema is working on this
problem ? Those who read, know, what I am talking about .Those who
don’t , do not seem to care about anything. The de population plan
Fema is working on will not be pleasant to put it mildly. Then of course
neither is Obama care, the IRS scandal, Banghazy, Iraq, the Immigration
problem , the release of terrorists and the Veterans Administration
disaster… And it goes on and on. What laws ? One must ask. The ones
that congress passes and can not enforce ?
In the meantime, even those who don’t follow world affairs issues
and are clueless, keep muttering; That this country is going to hell
faster then they can sneeze. Really ?
One must beg the question, just when will America wake up and speak
out  together?  Irrespective of   what side they are on. Left of right .

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