Predictions to Reality

Both on Twitter and my journal, I have been consistent in predicting that
our great country is moving closer to ;”Communism” every day. Some preferred
to call the last six years a move toward socialism. Nonsense. Under socialism
unless combined with total corruption, government does not use KGB tactics
and people controls. Socialism is about leveling the playing field for
less fortunate citizens and using taxpayer money to provide services and
assistance from money’s that have been paid into the system.
Communism is what we are seeing now in he true fashion of Joseph Stalin
and   the  KGB spying on Americans. Any opposition to the administration is
spied on and treated with vengeance and ultimately controlled. Criminals go free because the can serve the system. Illegal aliens are good . Americans
are treated like dirt. Communism is becoming the reality for America.
Get used to it. It will only get worse.

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