purple people eaters

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Racial profiling and Purple people eaters.

Racial profiling is political incorrectness in the
realm of the “ today world”…… For those against racial profiling they might want to think of the reality of it all….. If purple people eaters from the planet Uranusia,…. without immigration papers and against all laws of this planet earth, appeared intermittently in the United States to kidnap and eat children of all ages
It would be politically and legally correct to look
for the aliens whose only distinguishing features from normal earthling human beings, are” purple skin”……. The world and citizens would unite to
stop Purple People Eaters from devouring our young…..
Or, …..would there be cries of “Racial Profiling “ and
Political Incorrectness ?……

Oh, I could hear the cries of political correctness
now; Purple People Eater are living beings too. They have the right to exist.
Yes, but what about “them”,… eating our young?
Well,…. wile that might be the real underlying problem political correctness would dictate that we first go after all those other colored human beings on the planet earth who are single and have no young one’s to loose…..
Would that be politically correct ?
Taking it a step further, Imagine The problem; If at the time of the Purple People Eater Invasion, The leader of our planet or our president was Purple ?
Think and think deep; About political correctness and
racial profiling…….
P.S …… if a “Purple People Eater” devours one of your kids target the color “Purple”.

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  1. Hey Bill miss talking to you – hope all is Great i know you are following the drama in my great state of Arizona let’s hope it sticks and the president stays out of it.

  2. Sheb Wooley that recorded the song said they only eat purple people. As long as they just go into purple people neighborhoods and only eat purple people, the police probably won’t do anything.

    Thanks for making movies.

  3. wunderbare bergel die kuschicht den aufnan ohne ergandig. rusefen mir schma die agstackt und ferung den senstant und sprietion den egebess mit attrabzu.

  4. Dear Mick. Thanks for your comment. That requires a big appetite. Does it not?

  5. grandioso enticos de centinso y caros con cubscre mompros. raria a sseco y psincia rantentia con movoxu ananamo!

    • I much appreciate other tongues. I was an immigrant at age 15 and mastered the english language quite quickly. six monhs to be exact . If you are writing
      from another country thank you for your comments. I you are writing from within the USA try english or german on me. In time I will try to learn spanish.
      Best regards,
      Bill Rebane

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