Remember Tiny Tim ?

If you don’t remember him. You might remember ” Tip Toe Through
the Tulips” The tune that catapulted this truly enigmatic entertainer
into international fame over night in the l9th century.
He was certainly enough of a  sensation in his time to be remembered
in a DVD and television special ; ” Tiny Tim one more time”
A two hour special that reflects on the courier of this enigmatic
singing sensation of the l960’s and 1970’s.  From a non stop
wall to wall singing marathon at Luna park Australia to the making of
his one and only feature film in which he had the starring role , he
defies most of today’s edgy oddities that can be seen on U tube
and go viral. Tny Tim does Elvis . To Tiny Tim the killer, to Tiny
tim the pied piper to kiddies is all included in this mix of music
and drama that made Tiny Tim the enigma he was.Coming soon from Independent Artists Pictures


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