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Very Nice Bill.. The issue is like a three headed monster though.. obviously there is the gun(s), and if someone really wants to get a hold of a weapon, they can. Whether it be a gun, a knife, a whip, a chain, an automobile, etc… Then there is the desensatizing of the human species .. via Frames: video games, reporting of violence in the media, including the reporting of war and its atrocities, public beheadings, hangings, electrocutions, and car chases/car wrecks. .. and then #3 is the problem of Mental Illness and keeping all of this stuff away from the mentally ill.. and how do you tell when someone is truly mentally ill and violent vs the temporary insanity that occurs when someone / something sets you off? Road Rage? Spousal rage, raging idiot? or, just being mad as hell and not going to take it anymore? With all that said, Bill – Barbara and all the family at Hollyrock – I wish you the Merriest of Christmases. And, the best of the New Year, with or without the Fiscal Cliff! Best to you and to all a Good ‘night, Peace, Woody Jarvis

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