Retromedia Rears Its Ugly Head Again (Part 1 of a series)

An interesting scenario evolves when going back a year or so over the affairs of The Giant Spider Invasion and Retromedia Entertainment.

FACT:  Various blogs in 2008 and 2009 voiced the wishes and plans of Retromedia’s Fred Olen Ray, who claimed he knew where the negatives of The Giant Spider Invasion were hidden.

FACT:  Fred Olen Ray stated his intentions to release an HD/Blu-Ray version… just as quick as he can get to the source of those negatives.

FACT:  In the meantime, Fred Olen Ray’s mouthpiece and lawyer Vince Ravine informs and claims rights on The Giant Spider Invasion by sending a cease-and-desist to MVD to stop selling Synergy Entertainment’s Director’s Cut of the film.

FACT:  Attorney Gregory Sioris (NY), representing Synergy Entertainment, calls on Vince Ravine to present the facts and good reason as to why Retromedia is interfering in the business of Synergy Entertainment (who are authorized to represent The Giant Spider Invasion).

FACT:  Atty. Vince Ravine had met his match, issuing no response, NO arguments.  Silence prevails as all prior agreements between Retromedia and Bill Rebane have lapsed and are null and void (as of 2009-2010).

FLASH FORWARD:  Now 2010.  Synergy Entertainment, under a management and licensing agreement with Bill Rebane, releases a 2-disc version of The Giant Spider Invasion.

FACT:  December 2010.  The holders of the copyright and owner of all intellectual property rights for The Giant Spider Invasion make demands on Group One Films (Group One International Distribution Organization, Ltd.), the original distributor of the film (but no longer operating) to turn over to the owners the entire negative and positive materials of the film.

FACT:  Group One refuses, stating Group One Films still holds certain rights to distribution.

FACT:  Any and all rights claimed were terminated in 1996 when the original 20-year distribution contract expired.

FACT:  Any and all other understanding with Brandon Chase (of Group One Films) were terminated by Rebane in December 2000.

FACT:  Group One Films (defunct) now owes Bill Rebane 17 years of royalties and accounting reports.

FACT:  January 2011.  Rebane demands the negative materials from Group One films along with 17 years of royalties.

FACT:  Also in January 2011, Rebane receives letter from none other than Vince Ravine, stating he represents Group One Films and Brandon Chase, who now go under a different name, Odyssey Group LLC.

Following this trail of events thus far, it is difficult not to see where the pieces of the puzzle fit.  The scenario also gives rise to more than a few questions regarding the Retromedia puzzle.

Brandon Chase.  Group One.  Odyssey Group LLC?  And attorney Vince Ravine.

SUBSEQUENTLY… the story that emerges – including the fraud, piracy, and false claims – warrants thorough investigations and demands further clarity… and therefore will be reported in later chapters of this ongoing saga of Hollywood-style corruption, also an expose of the motion picture distribution industry as a whole.  Stand by for the next chapter and a review of a standard (as in “screw producers and investors”) Hollywood distribution contract that takes it all, illuminating the very reasons why producers have such a tough time with financing their independent film productions.

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