Riots or Revolution?

Based on casual telephone conversations with democrats and republicans
alike .It will be one or the other. If it’s Romney that gets in, there will be riots of discontent and rebellion among staunch Obama supports and radical
leftists. If Obama wins , outrage and a potential revolution can be expected
from voting majority who can’t take  it anymore .And won’t, for four more
years. This message seems to come through loud and clear talking to
middle of the road americans , tea party members and many elderly
people who are scared to death of the Obama care plan.
Benghazi gate is a key issue with most if not all patriotic Americans.
Even many democrats find this an abomination of security and commander
in chief failures to tell the truth of an issue that will not go away. Rumors
remain rumors. But it is not too outlandish to believe there will be loud
cry’s of voter fraud echoing through all  the media next week. In all, the next ten days promise to be a week  of many surprises . Either way; It’s celebration
or serious depression. Finally, electoral votes may be the system.
That to me, does not represent the popular vote of ” all” Americans nor the popular will of all Americans.
Bill Rebane

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