Russia wins – USA lost

BIll Rebane – Commentary on our times-July 19.17
Feeble and uneducated minds just will not get the message. The Russian intelligence. Putin and the KGB
had a well worked out plan to; ” Divide and conquer.”
They have been doing it for along time and finally
succeeded. They would much have preferred
Hillary for their purposes.( look at the deals they already made with her. Hillary was a push over for them.
When it became clear that Trump has a chance to win
they had to smear Trump even at the cost of using
themselves in the plot by creating the Trump
Russia connection. Knowing full well that the democrats and radical left would soak this up as
fodder and ammunition to down trump .Their plan
worked. They actually managed to divide America.
Pitting the left against the right. The russians can care
less now of what is said about the Trump -Russia connection.Even though there is none. In the meantime
America becomes more divided by the day and anyone that actually believes this is all not done on purpose
is a sheer idiot. Wake up America. Until the KGB plot
is clearly seen and understood by all Americans ( left and right) we can kiss the American dream good bye.
What is more disturbing is that the CIA, NSA and FBI
have been unable to  uncover  and decipher the entire plot plan of Putin and the KGB. What are we ? Stupid?
Our own intelligence agencies have failed or for top
secret reasons are allowing the Trump -Russia
circus to keep on performing. The bottom line.Russia
is not interested in an armed conflict with the west.
It can do much better , as we can see with
psychological warfare and clandestine counter
intelligence operations. Why fight when one can
confuse? Don Trump Jr and the Russian lawyer.
What a coup for Putin. And who would think she was
a KGB operative and a spy.

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