The efforts of the First Estonian Church build in America to raise money  for restoration on the GO FUND ME SITE; Surly will not reach it’s target amount
without the participation of the ” people of Estonia”. This writer was shocked
to read an article in the BBC NEWS EUROPE and the glaring headline;
‘Spirituality in Estonia- the worlds ‘Least religious’ county. A witing that would
explain the low or almost none existent numbers of participation in the
Estonian Church efforts form Estonians. The article also deserves a response.
As a citizen of that country I have to bow in shame when I read that only 20 percent of Estonians believe or part take in religion. Although the
Lutheran Church is the largest in Estonia.  it accounts only for 13 % of the
population. A very sad scenario that would make this writers  father, mother
and ancestors turn over in their graves . Many Estonians now feel that worshipping nature and talking to trees has replaced God in their lives.
It seem now, that they believe ; That their now world famous ‘Singing Revolution” freed their
nation. And.  Spirituality had nothing to do with it.   As a fellow estonian
and citizen of that country    I am  ashamed to hear of this sad scenario of my country.
With such beliefs and Attitudes it is easy to see why this generation of
Estonians could care less about an iconic estonian church landmark in
America that is withering away from old age. The BBC News article has
sparked one more thought however. I give thanks to god for living in
America , having experienced  the American dream and know,  that all those
heros that died in the fight for religious freedom did not die in vain.
Even though forgotten by my Estonian countrymen. Because it is the
American spirit and all those who believe in ” In god we trust” that will
regardless of ethnic origin, help in restoring this historic icon known as the
first Estonian Church in America.
Bill Rebane

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Producer/Director/ Cinematographer/ Distributor Motion Picture industry Consultant. More info ; On Wikipedia
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