Scam by Facebook…

Could that be true ? An Internet empire like Mark Zuckerberg’s face book taking part in a scam or a bad joke ? Or, is it negligence and is face book liable for notices of big prizes and big winners awarded by facebook promotions to multiple winners of over a half a million  dollars. each winner ?
Misleading e mails of inheritances , scams and “you area winner of big money”,  are common  on the net today.  But not from the face book empire

 Imagine a little old lady  age 79 , who has a some savings in a coffee can of      five to six thousand dollars. She is a face book fan and uses fb frequently to stay in touch with her family. Suddenly she receives a notice from fb. She has won a half a million dollars. She freaks out. Empties her coffee can. Gives most of her savings to her kids and grand kids. Then goes to the casino and looses the rest. After all why not ? She just won $ 600.000 Dollars from Facebook’s annual promotion drawing. Pretty sad story this writer thinks.  Who is responsible ? Zuckerberg has every tool and all the genius help to monitor fraud and all the mis use of the net.  So better make good on the con game Mr.Zuckerberg    There could be some law suits. It’s not like you are broke…

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