It has been one heck of long time since I have seen a film by an independent
film maker as excellent and so profound as ” Hamesima” by israeli producer
director Yuval Ovadia. A film the entire world needs to see. Hamesima is
a science fiction thriller with heart a soul and a message that may change
lives. If one is not looking for cheap thrills and overburdening effects.
Intellectually highly rewarding it will keep the viewers on the edge of their
seats for the entire ninety minutes. Even the subtitles do not distract from
the character and story driven drama that makes one think about
life , the world we live in and humanity as a whole. Deservedly it has
garnered eight international film festival awards. I would not be surprised
if it goes on to the academy awards for further recognition.
The best way to describe it is with following story line,…..

For the first time in history does an alien being penetrate the worlds most guarded and secret facility , The headquarters of the Mossad. Once apprehended, the chief Mossad investigator finds himself in an unearthly dilemma which he is unable to accept or understand until ancient wisdom’s and secrets of the Kabbalah are revealed to him which will change his life as well as the lives of others.
A gripping thriller that takes it’s viewers beyond the threshold of science fiction and into a new dimension of humanity that far exceeds the intellect of the rugged and seasoned Mossad agent . Until he begins to understand and realize that this unearthly figure or a man , holds the secret to one of his own personal life mysteries that have made his life a nightmare.

Hamesima A psychological thriller and drama which evokes second thoughts about the meaning of life, the evils of mankind and wisdom of the ages.

Extraterrestrials, come an go. But not like his one.
Bill Rebane

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