Shameless Dan Petrie jr.

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Bill Rebane
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A shameless deed by some one who should know better. The very man
who received the Writers Guild Of America West, Morgan Cox award for
“Guild Service” may be in for one big surprise when a unauthorized (recently found plagiarized version of a script is published as a draft by Daniel Petrie.
That’s not only embarrassing but the ultimate sin and fraud for the man
who, as former president of the Writers Guild has to stoop so low and
steal someone else’s work. But that’s not all.After plagiarizing and re
writing an original screenplay, he conspires with another party , buddy
Rick Dugdale to lie and misrepresent facts to the original author in order to
purchase the original work to cover up the prior crime of plagiarism.
But it only get’s worse yet; This no talent Guru ( petrie) of Hollywoods film world
actually makes the film now called “Rosemont” Once known as “Winter Roses ” butchers the film so badly, it can’t even get a theater date.
Now playing on Starz that’s will be the last one will see of it before
petrie gets served with a legal action. Tough to do, as he is hiding behind
or under some rocks together with snakes and bugs, Just where he belongs.

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