Shocking cover up

Another revelation from “Arturo” and the Starlight Society.
In l904 two mine sweepers built it Canada left Thunder bay and sank in
lake superior . Total loss of life 155 crew. Not a single effort was made
to recover the ships and the bodies, by the US, Canadian and French
government.Why? The mines sweepers were built by the french and
Canadians in a then co operative war effort. Suddenly today some
97 years later , underwater scans are discovered of the ships. A American
diver searching for timeless lake superior timber discovered the
ships believing they were few of many ships lying on the bottom of
lake superior. Upon closer research the ships were identified
as the lost mine sweepers. Surly there are remaining family members
of the missing, both in France and Canada who would like to know
what happened to their descendants on those voyages. Why?
was there no news on Government recovery efforts made.
Because none were made and he question is why? After all, these were
war ships and 155 lives were lost. The Starlight Society will be checking
into this cover up further , and attempt to procure the under water
Look for more unsolved mysteries, brought to the forefront of the
news by ” Arturo” in ” Arturo Speaks”.Through the Starlight Society
and these writings. Coming soon: Who built the Pyramids ?And
what was the real purpos of them ?
Lake Superior. The primary base of UFO’s ? Confirmed.

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