Still a circus

Think before you speak Donald Trump, or educated followers of yours will
loose faith in your abilities. WE can’t live on the words; “Tremendous”
“Fabulous”, “I Love love you all” and “terrific”. It all just flows out too fast and there is still a lack of substance. You won’t be able to do that
when you are president of the United States when you are sitting
on the hot seat of the nation. We love your anti establishment
enthusiasm, and guts. Slow down, increase your vocabulary
and put some substance into your rhetoric. The Daily News just
painted you as a clown. Of course that’s the liberal media and we
don’t really care. Never the less fewer well constructed speeches
with substance with a little less bravado would do wonders for you.
You started a revolution, to make America Great again. ( great
campaign slogan) Now lets make it happen. Say what’s on
your mind, give em hell and lay out a plan for a new American Dream.
Trump follower comments invited.

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