Strike Obama care

Many are looking at this disaster guarded, with reservations not getting the
message that it is built on lies and the communist manifesto. Unfortunately
the latter is correct.
A long time ago this writer predicted that Social medicine can not and will
not work in America. Now the proof is in the pudding.It can not work
simply because  our government does not have the where with all’s and experience
to be a socialistic system. Aside from corruption and miss management of
federal funds ( tax payer money) The Executive branch, the Senate and
Congress have not a first hand clue of why and how the European systems
of socialized medicine is working , or not working.  Obama has already
over reached by passing go and socialism heading directly for Communism
of which Joseph Stalin would be proud of.
Recent news; that people on medicare will be subjected to inferior health
care and may die in the process is only the latest devastating news to
senior Americans. This and all else in connection with Obama death care
(not health care), is only a small portion of the frosting on the Obama
Dictatorship agenda cake.

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