The Establishment Enemy

Hello America. Are we waking up yet? Well, it’s about time to recognize
what s really going on with the “Establishment” and begin to realize
that the ” Establishement ” is really the enemy of this great country.
Who and what is the ” Establishment”? That is becoming very clear
now. Could your or ” our” elected officials ‘” Congress itself ” be the
the enemy and the culprit of Americas problems ? Sure looks like it .
Think twice and you won’t have much to figure out. Our friendly and
powerful congress men are revealing their true colors with the anti Trump movement. Nice guy Paul Ryan.The snake in the grass Lindsey Graham and little , Jr, Congressman Sean Duffy plus much of the other republicans who  have ” our” best interest at heart are coming up with
their concerns and objections to a Trump presidency. And; Who in the
hell are they all kidding ? It is ” They” Congress who have given us
an over regulated and loosing America. While lining their pockets
and deceiving all of us while neglecting the serious issues of our nation.
Congress is made up of Lawyers and we all know about lawyers.( God help us)
The contradiction comes when they claim; They want someone with
government Experience in the white house. While they themselves
have little or no government leadership experience or the wisdom
to lead the most powerful nation in he world. The proof is in the
pudding. What has congress done to make this country better?
Pass law upon law upon law until we choke with regulations.
They have catered to special interest, promoted political correctness.
Are married to lobbyists to line their own pockets while not knowing
the difference between rice crisps and rabbit turds.
These are the people we voted in , to represent our interests and our
needs. Well guess again and ask yourself “What have they done for
you. ?
As we speak; The most powerful nation in the world and while major
issue face the world. Iran , Isis, North Korea, Immigration , Hillary and
19 trillion in debt. The headlines are, get a load of this; ” The American
bathroom issue” ….. Not to be believed. New regulations of how, where
and when to shit.
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