The gift of Donna. Many search for it……

Few find it. Tranquility and good health. The power of positive thinking is
most of the time is not enough to achieve this almost unattainable blessing.
That is were spiritual healing enters the equation. The libraries and bookstores
offer thousands upon thousands of books on the subject, read by only those
who take an interest in the subject matter  to begin with. While
the mainstream public remains ignorant on the subject. Or, does not
even pay attention to such beliefs or fantasies ?
For those doubting the values o spiritual healing. Here a story of
Seven years ago a man suffered from , Manic depression, Post traumatic stress
and severe anxiety and panic attacks to a point where he became so reclusive
that he could not function in his business of in private life. He was diagnosed by VA Psychiatrists and private practitioners and prescribed a variety of well known medications. Good bad or indifferent the drugs over  the long run were
helping he symptoms  but  not curing the disease.
The subject was heavy drinker for the  most years of his life. The symptoms
of the disease did not surface until after the he stopped drinking.
In fact for 30 years the symptom were suppressed and remained hidden
as it was the alcohol that acted as medication suppressing the PTSD for
for over many decades. Including the origin of the problem in the first place.
Mental images of World war 2 combined with service connected trauma had
remained in the mans sub -conscious mind since child hood and never forgetting
the horrors of war , death and the suffering that went with it.
One fateful day by sheer coincidence he was introduced to a lady with
a gift. After a question and answer session. Donna the spiritual healer
put her hand on the mans forehead, who broke into uncontrollable crying spell
and his entire life passed by him in seconds including all atrocities
experienced in world war 2. Ten minutes later wiping the tears from his
eye’s he left Donna’s farm house in northern Wisconsin . Since then he is living with eighty percent less medications and an equal percentage of less
symptoms that kept him from leading a normal life. Also since then other
friends of the subject have visited Donna with the same or similar
positive enlightenment and spiritual experiences.
Solutions for improved health and a better  life seem to be out there……

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