the pet issue- I .P/ Piracy

In connection with issue of prostitutes, Some states decided to publish the
name of the jon’s when caught in the act . That’s the most stupid idea
and ordinance ( wherever adopted.) Doing essentially the same thing with
video piracy and publishing the names of he thief ‘s on the other hand is
not so stupid or or bad. The difference lies  with the scope and damages
for the  blatant criminal behaviour ( verus stupidity)
Men seeking out prostitutes is a personal matter and a non issue
with this writer. It’s called personal responsibility . Video PIracy is not the
same. It’s a felony and and serious criminal and  breaking the law.
In the ongoing quest to stop such crimes, it ‘s again time to
attempt to stop such criminal abuse of the laws. ( or don’t they mean
anything … Anymore ?

Here’s the list of the real bad ones.
Navarre Corporation. MInniapolis, Thiefs and they don’t care.
Victor Ives, Oregon .Retromedia Entertainment , Chatsworthe CA. And then
there are the real big one. Internet Movie data base., who publish
information  which is not true . Puplic Domain Torrents . The biggest crooks in the
field of piracy. Claiming that they only provide the means with which
to down load protected titles. Then there is Dan Kleinman Craze Digital
who just uses any titles to market them in foreign countries and
electronically.. A real Schmuck who operates out of a warehouse front in
La la land. Then there is Louis Louzil , La la land ( That’s Hollywood.)
under the banner of Echelon Entertainment. The list goes on , but we
take it one step at a time and get the facts. And by the way, There is
now a lawyer in Oregon that is taking on the  poor slobs  that don’t know better
and down load protected materials . Yes they are most guilty and paying
heavy fines  in ignorance of  downloading copyrighted stuff. So don’t
download anything . Or big fines may hit you. And for that matter there are
the big guys. like Google, Yahoo and Amazon are also guilty in
assisting in these illegal practices. But , the ygot a hundred lawyers and
money to get off free. “Claiming  they   are only the conduit and providing a services.
bll shit. When in reality they are promoting illegal actions.
More details to follow on “Piracy Watch”……    Biggest thing yet .
A pirate is talking. Phil Hopkins called back upon request to talk about
mistakes?  Not realizing that he and Film Chest pirated 6 pictures
and marketed them for 10 years at big losses to this writer.
Well, at least he’s talking and attempting to stay our of jail.
I am listening. Anxious to see where this goes.
As a bottom line it is encouraging to see someone responding and
at very least trying to correct wrong doings . Not bad for openers
and more power to him . and Synergy and film Chest.
PIracy watch  is up to date and  going all the way to congress to make changes
in this rotten business of free for all I.P piracy.

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