Theater Horror

At the very same time the; “Horror at the theater news” were broadcast to american television viewers , Amazon is sending promotional e mails to it’s customers with the heading ;” New Horror Movies on DVD.” at discount prices.
Just what this sick world needs more of. More images of blood and guts, terror,
mayhem and violence to incite the minds of young people to turn them into
monsters like James Holmes of the Colorado theater horror nightmare.
Is it not the trigger mechanism that everyone is searching for? And what
exactly causes a mind to snap?
Ten years ago I wrote an article called ” Frames” begging the question
of what effect movie frames have on the viewers mind. Maintaining
the conviction that each frame of a film is indelibly imprinted on the
human mind . Especially on young minds. Again one must ask how
our film, video and television imaging fits into the equation of determining
the trigger mechanism for psychotic behavior. A new code of ethics in movies maybe long overdue , especially for our children.

Bill Rebane

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