It’s a conspiracy theory. Or maybe not ?
Fasten your seat belts and turn on the creative brain power for what the conspiracy lovers consider a grand scale conspiracy to
change life on earth. Not to forget “America “What ever it is, it’s not a good scenario for anyone.In conversations about this subject in which the powers to be are always referred to as
“They” . Who in the hell are ” They”? Let your imagination go wild. It could be be’ The NWO. The UN. The by lateral Commission, The
Illuminati.Or, the power players of the world. Take your Pick.
Never the less, It’s a dangerous scenario.The agenda seems to be
to : Kill the unborn and get rid of the old. After all the earth can not
cope with the population explosion, nor support it. So “They” have
to create grand plan to reduce the population, which may have been planned for a very long time, but got a kick start with 9/11.
After all; To create a grand plan ” “They”: must first find a way to
control the population .Not an easy chore , unless one scares the
living daylights out of them first and then every effort is made to
protect the populous. So it seems, at least on the surface. Physical
safety , protection from our enemies is one thing but that’s not
enough. The populous also has to be kept dependent on government . Keep em poor, get rid of the middle class and maintain strict control of their lives. At this point in time , it is
not important wether 9/11 was fabricated or not. It was a good
start.And “They” did a good job. After that came the grand plan of the middle east. Religious differences, Isis, Iraq, Iran, Syria .
Turmoil. War. Slaughter and mayhem. And the terror thereof
From which we have to be protected. On the Domestic side in the
good old old USA it was followed by another grand plan:  Dividing America,  politically and by race and color. The proof is in the
pudding. Congress can not get it’s act together no matter what the subject. Democrats and Republicans hate each other already
while everyone ignores the constitution and the Bill of Rights.
“They” who ever one perceives them to be, are succeeding in
bringing this world to the brink of disaster. All , while the sheep
are sleeping or just too ignorant to see the handwriting on he wall
and the truth.

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