Ticker Tape…. Prediction

Things  do not  look Good. The financial crisis will continue to put insurmountable pressures on the European and American economies  and the Stock market is sure to crash sometime in 2011.   At which time the Bilderberg Society will determine  “if” they can  bring on  a   global economy.  Subject only to competing world power players who also seek  to establish a global order.
The Mayan calendar predicts an end to the world as we know it by late 2012.  Contrary to popular belief   the process for such is already under way.   When that time comes it will not be:  That black clouds roll over the earth. Fire and brimstone do away with all living things on this planet.  Rather it  is a gradual process that has already begun.  Easy for any educated human being to see and follow.
It  is in all likely hood that  a major military conflict will  plague not only the United States  but   all   countries. With all indications pointing to Korea and Iran …… If this conflict turns into  nuclear  aggression  or realization by any one, the Mayan calendar date will be unimportant.  Armageddon will  be here before the Aztec prediction.  Without such a conflict,….. and never the less…. the end  of life in  America as we know it   now and  past, is changing already  before your eyes and is not sustainable.  The debt meter is ticking… both the Euro and Dollar currencies  will become worthless, spelling financial disarray and doom.  Even gold cannot save man kind.  The few that can afford Gold will be in no better positions then those who   hoard and own the   bulk of it, as they  will be in no better position then the rest.  Gold and greed have  destroyed the best  of man.  As the old saying goes; “Those who got the gold ,.. Rule,” will mean nothing,  when there is nothing left  on this earth to rule.
In America watch the signs of:  Financial breakdowns. Mounting natural disasters…..
Political infighting…. Political corruption……Religious conflicts,….Special interest pressures………… deteriorating education,…. mayhem  and murder…….
On the international level  watch the signs  of:  Economic disasters….. Anti American
Sentiment,….specifically oil spill fall out…..  Chinas discord with America……..
Muslim radicalism,…. and   Germany’s  move toward a new holy roman empire……..
Watch and listen carefully ….. or is it too late to change  the hand writing on the wall…..

The views and opinions expressed herein,  are  based on information from “Arturo”,
code name  for a  CIA  asset  named so,  after  the l947  Roswell incident and the recovery of one “being”  who’s existence to this date may be questionable, but remains;  Above top secret.  (Ref. “From Roswell With Love”)

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