To Congress & Sean Duffy

Dear Congressman. What good are these minor repair bills? Congress is caving in on all the real issues.
Not a single representative in Congress is dealing with the Corrupt practices of Obama, the IRS, DOD,Bengazi and or the very real fact that the President is not a citizen . It’s called too hot to handle. Or, let’s not
Rattle the cage too much. You and other republicans in the house fail to listen to the conservatives and the tea party ( not to mention the growing independents. And you just keep making deals. ” band aid “deals.
Which don’t stop the bleeding of Americans. You have no idea , that in your district people are talking about you.
And believe me. They are saying the same thing, asking a lot of questions , while becoming independents.
I displayed the biggest campaign signs on my property for your election and campaigned in Ashland and Iron County for you. I am not a happy camper. Not sure if it is your communications director or campaign staff that has the reigns on you? Or, it is the lawyer/former DA in you that is holding you back from becoming a real voice for your constituents and for America as a whole.?
Then there is the issue of the Deficit. What Deficit? When Five star Trust , The top secret Bush Trust is holding more money then America will ever need. The issue has gone viral and no one in congress or the senate has had the guts to talk about it .
Further; On a lesser issue. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act. A total Farce. Like the FBI warning on every DVD . Laws made with no one to enforce them .A shining example; Laws are made for lawyers and those who create them. Certainly not for the public good and the public at large.We must obey , Washington and the President does not . I am amazed and disheartened, that a local guy with a great family from northern Wisconsin has not gathered the opportunities life afforded you , has prompted you to speak up and passionately speak out for what is right , to save this country from socialism and communism.
Very truly yours
Sill a a supporter,….
Bill Rebane

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