Too much to take….

The United Kingdom having left the EU is a wake up call for
all Americans , unless you are an idiot , far on the left or
or a died in wool democrat, maybe you get the message.
Like the Washington Establishment here.  the EU is the
Establishment for the european countries which became
members of it. The EU joined in the task Obama has pursued
to make everyone alike. Politically correct. And to be
ruled by ” One World Order” Congratulate the Brits who
got smart and realized what was going on.
The forceful attempts to mixing races and cultures will
not work. Unless we destroy the very fiber of civilization.
The beauty of this world and special for every one of us
is the diverse heritage’s and cultures from which we and
our families have evolved. No matter what color you are
what nationality you are or what country you came from or
live in. Unless we just don’t care, which I doubt.Each and
every one of us is or should be proud  of one’s ancestry
and ethnic back ground. Obama and the EU have attempted to change all that . Forceful  assimilation and maybe
( if given the chance) make all of us one color. With one
Religion. One Government and one life style for all serving
one global power. I predicted this l5 years ago after the
EU was already going strong. I predicted that the different
cultures of Europe will never give up their ways and heritage. But They did. For how long however ? Until they begin
to realize the consequences. Well, the UK  just woke
up and started what might become a revolution.
….. Coming soon. a must read; ” World population and what to do about it.”

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