Trump& my name spark controversy

This writers political articles recently have sparked considerable criticism
and raised eyebrows in reactions to the Article that appeared in the
Wausau daily Herald this sunday April 23. Even my son Alan Rebane
living in B.C. Canada called me and asked ; ” Dad how could you ? ”
Another call from Eric Sharp ( Wisconsin) prompted a long telephone
conversation . You put yourself on the firing line, he said.Then quoted all
the good things Bernie is for. And all the damage trump will bring to
America. Logic and common sense seems to be none existent in these
adverse responses to my writings and the article in the Wausau Daily
Herald. These are also the people who listen to the twisted main stream
media. Subsequently I will not change my mind and will continue to
write about the issues we are facing. It is most likely that Trump will get the
nomination with or without a contested convention. There was and is no
one else in the pool of candidates who is expressing what most Americans
are rebelling against. Government corruption, illegal immigration, a weak
military, The loss of reputation with world leaders and the establishment.
It’s the way trump has presented these issues that are upsetting the anti
trump crowds. Yes he has been brash, harsh and un presidential
with his rantings. But right he is on every issue. Who is it the anti Trump
coalition hates? Trump the Entertainer? or Trump the business man
and spokes person for millions and millions of Americans? Who have
wanted to say the same damn things for too long. But did not have the
power or the venue. Common sense and logic should answer these
questions. The anti Trump feelings may change in many as  he becomes
more ” presidential” and lays out more of his policies and detailed
plans for the country. Not to forget , he is doing     all  of it  on his own steam.
His own money , while speaking from the gut. Give the guy some
Bill Rebane

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