U.S. Congress fails miserably

The passing of the anti piracy PIPA bill failed miserably for simple reasons:
It went too far. And , beyond the reasonable expectations of the motion picture
industry which in all is not interested in curtailing internet use and
it’s technological advances. Nor the volume of valuable information the internet offers on global basis. The demands of film makers , studios or independents alike has been and is that existing laws be enforced and that content servers I.e. Google
Yahoo do the same due diligence before putting copyrighted works into the ozone
for anyone in the world to download or watch. There is not a legitimate content
provider, like Net Flix, Turner Classic Movies,or any other network in North America
that does not demand ” Proof of ownership from those who offer content on
a licensed and legitimate basis. If the the networks can do it,  then why not
Google and Yahoo? There need not  have been any interference in the stream of
Internet information.
What is desperately needed is enforcement of existing laws. Specifically those that
already exist to protect intellectual property  and copyrighted works.
The Criminal Copyright Act and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act offer sufficient protection. “If enforced”.
So far enforcement of existing laws in connection with video piracy has failed
miserably.If it is not a joke all together. The FBI Warning label is a joke as well.
It means nothing so it seems. In the meantime , state and local law enforcement
are dumbfounded when a victim complaint is lodged with them. It must be assumed
they don’t know the law or just don’t give damn.
The Hollywood community, wealthy as it is ,has vested their fate in the Motion Picture Producers Association of America. A huge bureaucracy that spends more
money on its own operation then on investigations. Those affected the most are of
course the independents.  The victims. Who have not  a payer in hell unless they can
afford staff of lawyers. This of course they could “If” their copyrighted work
was protected and royalties were paid. The effects of this are simple. Generally speaking, producers are entrepreneurs expand their activities into more
production efforts. Which spells jobs and a boost to the economy. But when both
producers and investors become victims of criminal copyright theft and no enforcement to boot that is not just a pity but crime on it’s own.
This writer has spent ten years on research and education  of corrupt film industry
practices , copyright laws and enforcement thereof. If however,  laws are not enforced. Why is congress spending so much time and money to get them passed?

Bill Rebane


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