The liberals just won’t let go. The snow flakes are also war mongers. Who needs to worry about Russia ? We are doing a good job right here to destroy this country and turn it into rubble. Lets think about were we are right now? Fighting each other at home. Bad enough. Ten thousand troops in the
middle east , and more in Afghanistan .For What ?
What the hell are we doing there anyway ? In the meantime
North Korea and a nuclear Iran coiuld start a big one any
time.And they are just waiting…..And so is ISIS.
Meanwhile back in the good ole USA,  the snowflakes in the
worst way want go back to a cold war status with Russia
by goading Washington sanction Russia for something that never happened to begin with. ( interfere in the presidential election)
While conflicts and war are looming over head. There is War in the capitol.The swamp is not drained. The swamp creatures.
Our representatives , are doing nothing useful about any of the
above issues. Instead they waste tax payer monies on
Investigation after investigation. Oh, and let’s not forget the
wonderful media that fuels the fire with hate and false news.
So now every one is getting what they wanted a totally
F &*$%^ upped America in conflict with every one, everything going all the way to destroy this country.
Thanks to our congress and senate on both sides of the


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