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Not getting any better. It is important to ask why congress passes laws
when they can not , or will not be enforced? The Warning labels one can
read at beginning of every DVD does not mean shit .
The digital electronic media still costs the film industry billions of dollars
annually. Most all prosecutorial agencies pass the buck and or
don’t even understand what intellectual property is and or, they don’t give
damn. Sure as hell they are not doing their job. For those who are
interested in the subject Here is another up date on the list of proven
pirates and who make money with other peoples property.
Film chest Inc. NYC
Synergy Entertainment- Phillip Hopkins
Navarre Corporation- Minneapolis.
Victor Ives the guy that made a fortune with other peoples works.
Bijou Flix , Retromedia Entertainment , Image Entertainment
Google Video , American Pop Classics- Phillip Hopkins
Cut Entertainment- Jeffrey Cooper.
And Group One Films , Brandon Chase
And then there is the case of the real crooks. I.e. Internet Archives
& Public Domain Torrents , a non profit organization that make false
claims about titles that are protected by copyright but listed by
these incompetents as public domain titles. They make it easy for
novice pirates to down load and upload anything listed falsely
as PD and then use the titles illegally for their own purposes.
When one contacts Google the multi billion dollar conglomerate
they just simply brush it off as “no responsibility” we are just
a tool to the pirates. and a “server’? Give somebody a break.
Beyond this there are the real clever ones like like Phillip Hopkins
who doe s business as Synergy Entertainment who violates
the Lanham act( Title l7 U.S.C.) by changing video covers and
original campaigns so not to be recognized easily by the copyright
owners. The story of Phillip Hopkins is a very special one that
exceeding the deeds of Retromedia Entertainment. ( soon to be published in detail and a real dandy)
Stay tuned for more to come….

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