Volkswagen love is eternal. The giant man eating spider , whats left
of it , is now is parked for thousands daily to see,  now in Saxon Wi.
adjacent federal highway 2 for the world to see . But there is a serious problem. Grief and the loss of the infamous mate the male beatle that
was killed by a ruthless spider hunter . With of course a ” Gun” and then sold to a metal grave yard for a mere $ 200.00 . Much to the
dismay of millions of giant spider fans , who gathered for a brief
memorial service in Gleason Wisconsin ( Where the the Giant Spider
invasion was filmed. The crowds waled and and cried uncontrollably
until beer finally provided a calming and tranquil soothing effect
on the poor souls. But now another problem has arisen in Saxon Wisconsin for the grieving mate , the man eating giant spider which  is
sitting naked without any fur and winter protection along Highway 2
and eating its  heart out from the loss of the mate. Every time a Beetle  passes on highway 2 , night or day, a cry of pain is heard
coming from the naked frame of the man eating giant spider.
It’s heart breaking to hear. And, It also represents a danger to the
highway traffic. Passing VW Beetles hearing   and the love cry , coming
from their own kind and suffering creature. Beetles and newer
VW’s may be mechanically affected by the subliminal sounds of the
Giant spider remnant. There is only one resolve to this dire and dangerous situation. ” Tanya” ( the original name of this creature) is
still looking forward to becoming a star again in a sequel to the old cult classic and finding a new mate. Maybe then the suffering would
be over. ” The Giant Spider Musical” a heartwarming retrospect to
the Original may bring some relief to tanya and this unspeakable
suffering.. Songs like : Volkswaken love” – ” Size matter” and ” Hey
little Buddy” may bring Tanya back to life and  in the meantime cover up her
embarrassing  naked body.

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