Where’s Balcony Theater ?

MOVIE BLURBS by : Bill Rebane. Nov 3. 2017
Balcony theater the new kid on the block for VOD of vintage films is facing some new hurdles . President Roger Whittaker continues to report delays due to internal issues. Maybe not realizing that many months have passed since balcony announced it’s readiness  to offer a wide variety of vintage titles though it’ s balcony delivery system.
On the other hand. There is lot’s happening at the American Film Market in Santa Monica. where pretty much all countries in the world are represented to buy,sell, and trade theatrical pictures of every genre imaginable. Keeping a close eye on attendance and business at the AFM mid new week,” Movie Blurbs” will provide an overview of how all went at this film market. No. the AFM  is not a film festival.  But film market of industry professionals in the business of buying  selling and distributing entertainment fare  on a international basis.

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