Wisconsin Public Service .The words  “public service”  are  questionable.They are a good example of how industry and our country should  not work, To  pay a bill by telephone  there is charge of
$ 9.00Dollars,  if you talk to a live person.  Also one can not pay directly to the service providing company.WPS. They are no longer set up to  take payments directly ( save man power and have fewer employees.) Bills have to be paid to a company called  Bill Matrix. Therefore the charge of $9.00 on top of your bill. The reason for this set up is obvious.Bigger profits, Fewer jobs for Americans and just scamming the general public on top of already  high power costs.  Is it any wonder why America voted  for Trump?  Even companies who  have not moved out of the country, are doing their very best  to scam  the average  citizen  right here at home.Not a good way to make America great again





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