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Film Chest Media Group- Piracy Watch

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

Film Chest Media Group seems to be the umbrella company for Synergy
Entertainment Inc. And video Pirate Phil Hopkins ( synergy ) .
This may be a good example of how hard to find out video piracy , IP and
copyright infringements work to the advantage of the thieves.
Set up a few companies, mix in a few infringed upon titles with hundreds
if not thousands of public domain films. And above all, disguise the stolen
titles with different campaigns and art work. Producers and copyright holders beware. Phil Hopkins knows how to do it all. Unfortunately, this is essential
dirty laundry , but for a good cause; It may help others to avoid being
ripped off royally , by a fast talking, lying flesh eating maggot.
NEWS FLASH. Two moths ago this writer received a letter from Hopkins
attorney , implying legal actions for slander and defamation. Good luck.
Mr. Hopkins. It would indeed be actionable if it were not true.
Too bad for you. It is not only true , but fact by your own personal
admissions and records. This is what one could call real ” Hutzbah”.
Hopkins admits having bought a 16 mm film print of The Giant Spider
Invasion on E bay. Transfered it to a digital master and began selling
DVD’s until he got caught in 2008 . In the meantime the film Illegally
through this criminal act was dissipated in the electronic media for
years at huge losses to this writer and owner of the film.
Hopkins had a smooth well working bootlegging operation going for years
engaging a computer, post production guru name John Keegan to do his
dirty work of re- mastering, changing campaigns on some five other films of
this writer for wide spread marketing . How big are the losses ? How high is the sky? All this going on in Rockport Ma. Will wonders never cease.?
The Story of Synergy- Hopkins- Film Chest Media Group deserves a full
blown booklet (at least) , for educational purposes and an example for
Congress before congress again proposes something on the order of
the PIPA bill. Now all is on the record in writing while digging deeper….Stand by for more as PIRACY WATCH continues with more precious details…………

FIZA an opinion

Saturday, June 8th, 2013

Most interesting. FIZA stands for ; Foreign Intelligence Surveillance act, That was
amended after 9/11 with the Patriot Act. President. Obama is correct in his statement that it does not apply to American Citizens.” If” . And “if” is the magic word. ” if” there is no corruption in any of the agency vested with the power
by the President to oversee and enforce this law.Then Americans have nothing to fear or worry about.
As mentioned in one of my Tweets ( Twitter) I am not at all sure the
ordinary citizens needs to know everything. That would take the secrecy
out of the word “Secret” which is what intelligence gathering
is all about. ” If” , the magic word; “If” there was no corruption
involved on part of all the agencies empowered by the President to
enforce and or act on this law. Americans should not worry.
Unfortunately in war, intelligence gathering and keeping secrets is not only
necessary but essential. Would it not be for the inter net and the media
we would know nothing. And do we really need to know more,” then we need to know”? ( I know, another can of worms)
In this writers opinion , the concern is not about FIZA the law. but
the people in charge. (FIZA   court?) That means this or any other administration. Who can we
trust? That is really what it is all about. Comfort levels.
FiZA has been around since Jimmy Carter’s exec. order l979. Who is in charge?
And and who can the American People trust? That’s the bottom line.
Keep the secrets,… But keep us Free .

PIracy continued-Synergy/ Film chest

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Video Piracy and intellectual property theft means nothing to those who do not
depend on creative works for income and to make a living. For those who
do depend on their works and creations to survive, It means the World.
China steals Americas intellectual works on an ongoing basis , everybody
hears about it. But even Government seems to be helpless to curb
these criminal acts because the law does not apply or can not be enforced
in China. Not so in North America and the rest of the free world.
( and I use free with reservations) For the novice on this subject, The
Motion picture industry is loosing over 50 billion dollars annually
from video piracy and copyright infringements and IP theft.
This writer can safely say of loosing some $25 to $50,000 dollars annually
form thievery and felonious acts like bootlegging and outright thievery
by individuals and companies like Synergy Entertainment, Film Chest
Media. It is not often and highly unusual that these thieves can be
brought to justice. It can only happen when the pirates ‘ use ; lips that
sink ships . ( as the old saying goes) And, there is enough evidence
on the table, plus admissions of criminal deeds, that these thieves can
apprehended and called unto the carpet.
As reported prior in this Journal. These characters,Phil Hopkins and
a Ralph Stevens who own Synergy Entertainment Inc. and Film Chest Media
by clear admission acquired a film library in or before 2004 from a bankrupt
company then transfered the library ( including six titles belonging to
this writer) to Digital One Stop of Minneapolis. The transaction earned the
two in excess of $ 200,000 Dollars. A nice piece of chump change to set
up Synergy/Film Chest. Only to go right ahead and continue to market the same
tiles they had just transfered to Digital One Stop on a continuing basis for
over six years. To disguise the original film title art work. They changed the
art work. A Lanham act, federal violation.
This in connection of Video Piracy is only one story of many . Of how
Intellectual property is obtained and treated by con artists and thief’s of
other peoples labors.
Stand by for more piracy updates

Predictions to Reality

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Both on Twitter and my journal, I have been consistent in predicting that
our great country is moving closer to ;”Communism” every day. Some preferred
to call the last six years a move toward socialism. Nonsense. Under socialism
unless combined with total corruption, government does not use KGB tactics
and people controls. Socialism is about leveling the playing field for
less fortunate citizens and using taxpayer money to provide services and
assistance from money’s that have been paid into the system.
Communism is what we are seeing now in he true fashion of Joseph Stalin
and   the  KGB spying on Americans. Any opposition to the administration is
spied on and treated with vengeance and ultimately controlled. Criminals go free because the can serve the system. Illegal aliens are good . Americans
are treated like dirt. Communism is becoming the reality for America.
Get used to it. It will only get worse.