You can bet on it

President Obama’s first public enlightenment of how he expects to reduce the
deficit goes right along the lines of my prior predictions; ” Tax the rich”.
What he is not telling us he is declaring war on the wealthy. And just what are
they going to do then? As I have already heard from many, those many , are
planning on leaving the country and setting up shop somewhere else. One
must wonder what is to be gained by this. When it comes to jobs and
bettering the economy ? In my book it will do the opposite. Loose jobs.
Drive the unions nuts and as a whole drive the country into deeper
debt. As I stated before, for this country to move toward socialism
is sheer disaster. Under the capitalistic system , our government does not
know how to govern without corruption and now, more ever overburdening strangling

laws and regulations . Just how does any one expect it to function

under a socialist umbrella. Not having a clue of how it works. This must
be a joke. The central European counties and Canada have had a socialist
system in place for ages and and are reasonably well oiled at operating it.
Can anyone imagine the trials and tribulations in Washington, not  to mention
the fighting , while attempting to switch over to another system. They can’t
agree on anything . Watch Obama care go into full force and watch the
paper fly. If any one thinks the Dodd- Frank bill was detrimental. wait until
you see socialism take hold in America. Keeping in mind . Our congress and
senate is manned by lawyers. Tons of them. Lawyers can’t agree on anything.
In the meantime the sheep have to be indoctrinated , managed and controlled.

Lots to think about and ponder over. And after socialism comes

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