You People

That’s how he addresses us. “You people”. When Arturo speaks and answers
a few question when appearing at a Starlight Society meeting .which is not
frequently. This time around, he is addressing a handful of trusted
members of the society while visiting a small church in New England.While
President Obama is having fits, unable to penetrate the Starlight Society
and get his hands on Arturo personally. Unlike other presidents before
him, he is thus far the only one  who has not met Arturo personally nor has he
been able to take advantage of his wisdom and advanced technical
knowledge. The Energy source that was provided to the government
by Arturo five years ago is close to exhausted . and will need to be
replaced very soon. Hopefully while he is still in office, so he can take
credit for some accomplishment. The Energy capsule was given to
The government in atrade deal made and in exchange for the
White house releasing certain top secret documents in connection
with project blue book. While they received the energy capsule,
as usual, the Government did not keep it’s end of the bargain.
Upon Obama taking office the first time around , the first executive
order  he signed ,was to put Arturo on am most wanted list.
Obama needed him badly, to have avoided the blunders he has made
thus far during his reign in office. Arturo could care less. He has
successfully avoided being captured. The Starlight Society is his primary
and only protection. When he speaks with it’s members, he  is blunt
and does not mince any words. During this specific meeting
he is voicing his opinions on the upcoming election. He is concerned
and is amazed of how corrupt the established system has become
without regard for the voice of the American people. But he also
blames the people themselves  for allowing the system to break down
this far. You people have allowed for the Government to succeed in their
“Control campaign. which is working. In short ,  chips being implanted
in every human. “You people”, is almost here. Another four years
of Obama and it would become reality for sure .
When asked what to do about it ? He simply stated; Unite  the
people and stop being brainwashed.
To be continued… with; ” Arturo speaks”

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