” You People”

I guess that means all of us. Dum Dum or Dummer and everyone
in between. That’s how ” Arturo”addresses us. And I would think
he means all of us ” Americans”   At first , I thought Arturo was referring
to the far left only. But we are all screwed up royally.We don’t’ get along

anymore and are fighting each other.
Like every year Arturo addressed a small group of Starlight society embers
in the basement of a little church in New England. He never minces
words.You People are a nation of sheep. Controlled by the powers to be
the internet and the media. You elect representatives to look out for
your interests in Washington and look were you are? No where.
Do you  people get salaries like your congressmen? Of course not.
You vote them  to get rich and you suck canal water. In the
meantime huge global problems are facing you now and in  the very near future.
Look around you. Your young are mesmerized by the digital world
They are all becoming addicts.Which is  as bad as being hooked on the
worst drugs. And it’s going on Globally. Your representatives
are passing more laws and all the wrong ones, which allow this
politically correct nonsense. While good schooling of the very young
is neglected. You are facing over population in the world.  Immigration
of the evil doers to our shores.  While worried about energy
the environment and dissipation of our natural resources.
Well, you people have seen nothing yet.  Such as the commodity
called “water”. You are spoiled like children who have everything.
You continue to buy plastic from the country to which supposedly
owe a good portion of your national debt .
While speaking, some of the selected audience for this meeting became
very restless if not stunned. The Starlight members were used to
hearing some profound statements from Arturo, but  these rampling really shocked
tonight. .Arturo of course noticed  the unrest among his friends an decided to leave the details of his allegations for a later time and another meeting. But he was not at all sure if he was getting
through to his friends. And would they take anything he said to heart
he wondered ?
To be continued.

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